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Rhode Island Vaccine Advisory Committee: Assessment Sub-committee

The Sub-committee shall initially consist of six voting members appointed by the Director of the Rhode Island Department of Health. The Sub-committee can expand to a maximum of nine voting members. Additional members would be representatives from the payer community, a licensed health care insurer or plan administrator. Other participants or consultants may be invited to assist the Sub-committee with specific deliberations. The representative of RIDOH will not be a voting member of the Sub-committee.

Christopher Ottiano, MD, Chairman, Associate Medical Director, Neighborhood Health Plan Rhode Island (NHPRI)

Cory King, Delivery Systems Analyst, Office of Health Insurance Commissioner

Patrick Ross, Government Affairs Manager, Tufts Health Plan

James M. Dubreuil, Vice President, Provider Advocacy, New England, United Health Care

Rich Glucksman, Esq., Legal & Government Relations, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island

Kathleen Dalton, Office of Medicaid

Tricia Washburn, Chief, Office of Immunization, Rhode Island Department of Health

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